Watercolor by artist Hajra Meeks, 2015. See:  http://hajrameeks.com/gallery/planck.html

Watercolor by artist Hajra Meeks, 2015. See: http://hajrameeks.com/gallery/planck.html


Winner of the 2016 Housatonic Book Award for nonfiction.

Winner of a 2016 Prose Award Honorable Mention for Popular Science.

Listed in Best History Books of 2015 by the Times of London, December 2015.

Listed in Best Science Books of 2015 by Science for the People, December 2015.

Listed in Outstanding Academic Titles of 2015 by Choice magazine, January 2016.

Review by Helge Kragh in Physics Today, October 2015.

Review by Guilia Miller for History Today, October 2015.

Review by Freeman Dyson for the New York Review of Books, October 2015. 

Review by David Luhrssen in the Shepherd Express, August 2015.

Review by Gerard DeGroot for the Times of London, July 2015. (Sadly behind a paywall; see snippet).

Review by Steve Donoghue in Open Letters Monthly, April 2015.

Starred review in Publisher's Weekly, April 2015.


Author speaks: Who was Max Planck? Courtesy OUP, July 2015.

Planck's famous discovery, explained by the author in 9 minutes, May 2015.

Planck song (!) from the Linus Pauling Quartet, May 2015.


Einstein's Supportive Skeptic blog post for Oxford University Press, November 2015.

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Genius Move article in Slate, concerning Planck's amazingly flexible mind, June 2015.

The ever-fun Page 99 Test, June 2015.

Casting suggestions for Planck the Movie, June 2015.

Guest blog Scientific American about the daring American-led rescue of Max Planck, May 2015.

My story of Planck's letter diary in the journal Poor Yorick, December 2014.


A Q&A with Physics Today, November 2015.

With the student newspaper at Imperial College London, June 2015.

Via Cool Science @ KPCW FM radio, Utah, June 2015.

With Modern Notion podcast in New York, June 2015.

With Advice to Writers, by Jon Winokur, May 2015.