Photo: June Vega Photography, 2019.

Photo: June Vega Photography, 2019.

Brandon R. Brown is a Professor of Physics at the University of San Francisco.

Born in Houston, TX, he grew up with interests in science, literature, basketball and music. He completed a bachelors degree in physics at Rice University, and earned his PhD at Oregon State University studying vortex dynamics in superconductors. Sustained dual interests in physics and writing then led him to the Science Communication program at UC Santa Cruz. 

Since 1998, Brandon has been teaching undergraduates and running a modest research program at USF.

His writing for general audiences has appeared in such outlets as New Scientist, Scientific American, Slate and Smithsonian. His biophysics work on the electric sense of sharks, as covered by NPR and the BBC, has appeared in Nature, The Physical Review, and other research journals. He lives in San Francisco with his wife Dana Smith, a research specialist at UCSF

Brandon is represented by the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency.